9 developmental activities for 18 months to 3 years old kids

At this age children develop rapidly and become more independent. They have greater control of their hands and bodies and their use of  language becomes more skilled. Frustration and fears are common at this age and you may have to deal with tantrums and give them lots of praise.

Most popular activities for 18 months to 3 years child-

1.Pretend play-

Play pretend with your child for example, hosting a tea party and inviting all her soft toys. She will enjoy making tea for them. You can do role reversal and ask her to be the mommy while you be the child.


easy puzzles

Small three or four pieces jigsaw puzzles can be used at this time to help with reasoning skills. Make sure you get age specific puzzles as difficult ones may discourage her from playing with puzzles.

3.Painting and modelling-

Clay play

Give your child modelling clay dough, but keep the carpet protected. Do some painting together and make sure you sit in an area where you don’t mind a mess.

4.Screen time-

Watch your favourite videos together and describe what your child sees in the video. My daughter’s all time favourite are Duck Tales and Heidi. As your child grows older, you can introduce animated movies like Bolt, Madagascar, Lion King, Cinderella etc. Most of the parenting sites talk about ill effects of screen time,however,check out in the following video,why ,how much screen time is OK for kids.

 5.Clean up –

Take a brush or cloth and pretend to clean furniture.Your child will like following you around and imitating what you do.This will also help in teaching your child the importance of cleanliness.

6.Build a toy house-

Take a towel and drape it over a chair to make a house or a den for toys.

7.Fun with paper-

paper boats

Make paper cutouts for hats ,paper boats or simply fold paper to make fun shapes.

8.Sort ,order and match-

Take used household articles like socks ,containers, colourful spoons and play sorting ,ordering and matching game .Toys also can be sorted according to their size i.e. bigger and  smaller, taller and shorter. This will help to teach your child the basic concepts of math.

 9.Read, read ,read-

Yes,it’s that important.Read lots of story books with plenty of pictures and repetition. Talk about the pictures. This will help in the development of vocabulary and language skills .

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Author’s note-Throughout this post,the pronouns “he”or “she” refers to both the sexes,except where a topic applies specifically to a boy or girl.

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