5 Positive parenting tips for a successful parent-child relationship

positive parenting

Do you punish your child for being grumpy, disrespectful or having a bad attitude? Make a positive difference in your child’s life today. Positive parenting is a tool that can help you stay connected with your child against all odds of life. Positive parenting endorses love, encouragement, appreciation, showing that you care, reminding your children of their greatness, showing respect, honour, trust, and treating them with dignity. It’s never late to start. Here’s how you can build good relationship with your child through these positive parenting tips- Positive parenting tip 1–…

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7 all time favourite activities for 4 to 6 year kids

activities kids

At 4 to 6 years of age, kids show a real curiosity about the world. They will ask you lots of questions and would like to show what they can do, like hopping or skipping,reading,gymnastics etc. They have a longer attention span. They can engage themselves for short periods of time. Most popular games and activities for 4 to 6 years old child-  1.Play dress up- Take some old clothes from your wardrobe and play dress up or pretend. Children simply love to dress up as their favourite characters like…

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Top activities for 1 year to 18 months old toddler

toddler activities

At 1 year to 18 months,toddlers are either crawling or walking. They want to investigate everything; to pull and push things, open and close them etc. They have no sense of danger and you must be close by at all time. Attention span is limited and you are still an essential playmate. Amazon.in Widgets Most popular games and activities for One year to 18 months toddler  1.Rhymes and action songs- Sing nursery rhymes and action songs to your baby .Play her familiar music and repeat the nursery rhymes. You will…

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Top Activities for 6 months to 1 year old baby

babyb activities

At this time babies generally take their first steps while holding onto furniture, holding on to an  adults hand or pushing a baby walker .They can also understand basic instructions and will recognize familiar objects, pictures and faces. Best games and activities for 6 months to 1 year – 1.A band of my own– Give your baby objects that can be banged together or on the floor; a wooden spoon ,a pan, spatula and lids are excellent to start with.Let your toddler understand the cause and effect relationship of the…

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5 Most popular indoor play areas for kids in Mumbai-One day trip with kids

indoor play areas

Here are the most popular indoor play areas for kids that you must try  in Mumbai. Take the opportunity to get out and get going with your child without letting the rains spoil the fun.Some of these indoor play areas are meant for people of all ages.So unleash the child in you and get going with your kids for some indoor play. 5 Most Popular Indoor Play Areas for Kids in Mumbai 1. Kidzania KidZania is an indoor theme park that provides real-life role-playing activities for kids. It includes industries…

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Best stress relief tips for busy moms

Are you trying to find some stress relief,but don’t know how to?Are you trying to overcome the guilt of being an insensitive parent and partner? You want to give your best to your family, but can’t find the time? Your kids describe you as angry, stressed out and always running around? Has your mood hit an all-time low? Well, you are probably stressed out.  But don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s time to get de-stressed. These stress relief tips will get you out of this ‘phase’- 1.Identify the symptoms…

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7 effective time management tips for working moms

image about time management

You make numerous plans about time management, yet they seem to disappear in thin air. Yes, I agree, time management strategies for working moms look good on paper.It is very difficult to follow a schedule everyday, as you are juggling your responsibilities at work and home. Well, do we have a choice? Well, the bad news is ‘time flies’, the good news is ‘you are the pilot’. So let’s make a choice and a conscious effort to keep up to our busy schedules, so that we will be happy and…

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5 tips to develop your child’s personality/Meaningful activities for children

The activities suggested below will help you to understand your child’s secret language and will enable you to bond with your child .I do it all at home with my kids and I testify that they truly work ,if done consistently. As parents ,we are responsible to raise happy and conscientious individuals . Simple activities to develop your child’s personality- 1.   Meaningful art activities : Ask you child to draw a picture of their heartfelt wish or their favourite family activities.This will give you an insight about their favourite family time  and…

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Will your children cry, when you die? Store memories for your children/Must -do for healthy parent child relationship

So you want a healthy parent-child relationship? You have done your best as a parent, in all possible ways; whether it is your taking care of your child’s health, education, personality development etc. How much will be remembered? The most haunting question is- How will you be remembered by your children?Its time to create family memories for life . In the modern age, where the fight for individual independence, influence of social media, and the glitz and glamour of the world has overruled all the possibilities of a healthy parent- child relationship,…

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