7 Powerful Benefits of Music Education for Kids

benefits of music education

My 6 year old daughter inspired me to write this post as I clearly see the difference music education has made in her life. So I want to spread the word and let people know of the amazing benefits of music education for kids. However, I thought, the best person to write about it would be my daughter’s awesomely talented piano teacher Ms. Elvira Gonsalves (brief profile at the end of the article) so that you can get it, straight from the master. So here’s what she has to share about music education for…

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Good touch and bad touch-When and what you should teach your child

good touch and bad touch education

Teaching your child about good touch and bad touch is inevitable in today’s unpredictable and highly risky social environment. The increasing number of cases of child molestation are a matter of concern to parents. Of course, precaution is better than cure. Who can be a better person to sensitise your child about this so-called ‘uncomfortable’ yet highly important topic? Grab more than 50% off  on Tupperware at the Amazon Freedom Sale here Find out when and how you can introduce good touch and bad touch to your child- When is…

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Screen Time for Kids- What every parent should know

screen time for kids

It is rightly said that technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. While we cannot deny the utility of technology in our day to day lives, the effects of overuse of technology are no longer a secret, especially when it gets in the way of the mental and physical growth of our children. Yes, screen time has its pros and cons. Multiple studies have warned about the potential negative effects of too much screen time. Here are some facts, problems, and solutions about screen time that every parent…

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Watch out for these signs of Childhood Depression to protect your child’s mental well-being

childhood depression

Understanding Childhood Depression and Tackling the Menace….. Though it’s distressing to even think about childhood depression, the fact is, it exists for real and is now being seen in more number of children than ever before. While most of us feel the ‘blues’ or ‘low’ at some point or the other, depression, including for children, is a condition characterised as a mental illness that requires quality medical attention. Depression among children is unquestionably a distressing state of being that no child deserves to be in, but if it ensues, it…

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9 fun ways to help your child learn History

learning history

So your child finds History super boring? Well, that’s not a surprise. I was never a fan of  learning History too. But now as my kids are growing, I am already wondering whether it would be the other way round. I want it to be the other way round, we all wish it would be that way right? So I have done my homework. After talking to some wonderful History teachers and hogging on some informative resources, my plan to get my child interested in learning History is ready. Here’s…

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5 Positive parenting tips for a successful parent-child relationship

positive parenting

Do you punish your child for being grumpy, disrespectful or having a bad attitude? Make a positive difference in your child’s life today. Positive parenting is a tool that can help you stay connected with your child against all odds of life. Positive parenting endorses love, encouragement, appreciation, showing that you care, reminding your children of their greatness, showing respect, honour, trust, and treating them with dignity. It’s never late to start. Here’s how you can build good relationship with your child through these positive parenting tips- Positive parenting tip 1–…

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7 all time favourite activities for 4 to 6 year kids

activities kids

At 4 to 6 years of age, kids show a real curiosity about the world. They will ask you lots of questions and would like to show what they can do, like hopping or skipping,reading,gymnastics etc. They have a longer attention span. They can engage themselves for short periods of time. Most popular games and activities for 4 to 6 years old child-  1.Play dress up- Take some old clothes from your wardrobe and play dress up or pretend. Children simply love to dress up as their favourite characters like…

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Top activities for 1 year to 18 months old toddler

toddler activities

At 1 year to 18 months,toddlers are either crawling or walking. They want to investigate everything; to pull and push things, open and close them etc. They have no sense of danger and you must be close by at all time. Attention span is limited and you are still an essential playmate. Amazon.in Widgets Most popular games and activities for One year to 18 months toddler  1.Rhymes and action songs- Sing nursery rhymes and action songs to your baby .Play her familiar music and repeat the nursery rhymes. You will…

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Top Activities for 6 months to 1 year old baby

babyb activities

At this time babies generally take their first steps while holding onto furniture, holding on to an  adults hand or pushing a baby walker .They can also understand basic instructions and will recognize familiar objects, pictures and faces. Best games and activities for 6 months to 1 year – 1.A band of my own– Give your baby objects that can be banged together or on the floor; a wooden spoon ,a pan, spatula and lids are excellent to start with.Let your toddler understand the cause and effect relationship of the…

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9 developmental activities for 18 months to 3 years old kids

activities kids

At this age children develop rapidly and become more independent. They have greater control of their hands and bodies and their use of  language becomes more skilled. Frustration and fears are common at this age and you may have to deal with tantrums and give them lots of praise. Most popular activities for 18 months to 3 years child- 1.Pretend play- Play pretend with your child for example, hosting a tea party and inviting all her soft toys. She will enjoy making tea for them. You can do role reversal…

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