9 fun ways to help your child learn History

learning history

So your child finds History super boring? Well, that’s not a surprise. I was never a fan of  learning History too. But now as my kids are growing, I am already wondering whether it would be the other way round. I want it to be the other way round, we all wish it would be that way right? So I have done my homework. After talking to some wonderful History teachers and hogging on some informative resources, my plan to get my child interested in learning History is ready. Here’s…

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5 tips to develop your child’s personality/Meaningful activities for children

The activities suggested below will help you to understand your child’s secret language and will enable you to bond with your child .I do it all at home with my kids and I testify that they truly work ,if done consistently. As parents ,we are responsible to raise happy and conscientious individuals . Simple activities to develop your child’s personality- 1.   Meaningful art activities : Ask you child to draw a picture of their heartfelt wish or their favourite family activities.This will give you an insight about their favourite family time  and…

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Will your children cry, when you die? Store memories for your children/Must -do for healthy parent child relationship

So you want a healthy parent-child relationship? You have done your best as a parent, in all possible ways; whether it is your taking care of your child’s health, education, personality development etc. How much will be remembered? The most haunting question is- How will you be remembered by your children?Its time to create family memories for life . In the modern age, where the fight for individual independence, influence of social media, and the glitz and glamour of the world has overruled all the possibilities of a healthy parent- child relationship,…

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