The Importance of Art in Child Development

importance of art in child development

Art is the secret language of children to express their views and concepts for which they have no words to describe. The importance of art in child development is lauded by parents, counsellors, educators as it gives deep insights into the child’s creativity and emotions. Also, art techniques are the favourite tools of counsellors to help the children to communicate their feelings and emotions. Read on about the importance of art in child development- Fine motor skills- Fine motor skills include holding pencils, paintbrushes, crayons and chalk and the hand-eye…

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Secret tips to teach English to your child at home

EmailIn today’s era of success, all parents want their children to speak good English. Taking fluently in English requires a lot of practice. Nowadays even in schools, the emphasis is being given to children to speak English. The question of most parents is how to teach our children to talk in English? Parents say they are sending children to good English Medium school and also giving English tuition to their children. But still, parents say that their children do not speak English so well. This is because children are not…

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Teaching money management to kids (Age wise tips)

money management

Penny Saved Is Penny Earned: Money Management Tips for Kids Parents are the first teachers for their children. They learn from us and try to replicate our moods, actions and to some extent money management as well. At least, they learn and understand our approach towards spending money, our thought process and constraints. We need to set an example and illustrate to them by leading examples, that nothing comes easy in life and each penny earned has lot of hard work behind it. Money Management-Toddlers & young kids (Age under…

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Teaching Mathematics-Play Way methods for all ages

teaching mathematics

Maths difficult? Not any more. Teaching mathematics can be fun with some play way methods, at all ages.Here are a few pro tips from Ms. Abhrekha Jain Sahlot (Also read- Worklife balance tips for working mothers by Abhrekha Jain Sahlot)       on how to get your kids interested in mathematics.                         For Toddlers Children (Age: 3-5) Board Games: Games such as Snakes and Ladder or TAMBOLA (Housie) helps children to do simple additions and teach basics of mathematics.…

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How to teach English to children whose mother tongue is not English

teach English

Knowing English is an advantage beyond compare,since it is a universal language and those who do not know the language or have limited knowledge strive to attain fluency. Ask any parent in a non-native English family about the importance of speaking English language and you’ll immediately sense the importance they attach to being proficient in it. When it comes to children, parents are all the more concerned and ready to teach English and do whatever it takes to make their little one acquire proficiency in it. If you are in…

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Make Learning Fun for Your Kids- Install Top 10 Learning Apps Now

top 10 learning apps

Mobile phones are not meant for call or message only, there are a lot of other things that you can do using your smartphone. Right from shopping to booking a cab and even learning. Very often we see kids playing games on phone or texting their friends but, there are few apps on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store which not only teach them new things but also make learning fun. Here are top 10 learning apps that you can install – 1. Duolingo Price: Free with in-app purchases…

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7 Powerful Benefits of Music Education for Kids

benefits of music education

My 6 year old daughter inspired me to write this post as I clearly see the difference music education has made in her life. So I want to spread the word and let people know of the amazing benefits of music education for kids. However, I thought, the best person to write about it would be my daughter’s awesomely talented piano teacher Ms. Elvira Gonsalves (brief profile at the end of the article) so that you can get it, straight from the master. So here’s what she has to share about music education for…

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