Effective Postpartum Weight Loss Tips for New Mums

Although the new mother feels tempted to disregard her own health in the care of her baby, it’s important for her to be aware of a few important things like post-partum care, which includes weight management.Friends and relatives offer postpartum weight loss tips which create more pressure and anxiety for the new mother.Also, she needs to shun common misconceptions, myths and unsubstantiated beliefs about after delivery that have been doing the rounds (and nothing beneficial) for generations Worried about Postpartum Weight? Here’s what you Need to Know… Effective Postpartum Weight…

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Postpartum Weight Loss-Common misconceptions revealed

postpartum weight loss

To begin with, you need to accept the fact that postpartum weight gain is a reality that virtually all women have to deal with postpartum weight loss, albeit in varying degrees. According to experts, a woman normally gains around 11 to 16 kg by the time she’s about to deliver. It’s perfectly alright to put on weight, but at the same time, you shouldn’t overthink and fret too much about postpartum weight loss too early.  Understandably, you must be grappling with a whole lot of questions and doubts about the…

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‘You know you are a mom when’-Mommy’s Magazine

you know you are a mom when

Motherhood is a journey full of joy, excitement, chaos, mess, laughter, tantrums, sleepless nights, dirty laundry, photo moments and a lot more. I am sure all the mothers out there have been through at least a few of the following ‘You know you are a mom when’ moments. So read up and smile. You know you are a mom when….. You have paid for your groceries and are heading out of the door when you realize one of your kids has lost his/her shoe somewhere in the store. You heave…

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5 tips for work-life balance from a successful working mother

working mom

Mommy’s Magazine salutes the spirit of working mothers, whether they are working outside home or not.How about parenting and work life balance tips that come straight from the testimonies and stories of  wonderful moms themselves? What could be better than real life, tried and tested life lessons of moms? Here is an insightful article by a working mother who has managed to meet the odds of motherhood as a working mother. Meet Abhrekha Jain Sahlot, the name is derivative of her parent’s name ( Abhay & Rekha). She is full…

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Insomnia help for busy moms/Do you get quality sleep?

Do you find it difficult falling asleep and are wondering whether you are suffering from insomnia? Do you get quality sleep every day? Do you feel tired when you wake up in the morning? You may be suffering from Insomnia. Getting quality sleep is very important for physical as well as mental health of busy moms. Sleep provides a chance to rest the mind and repair the body. Too much, as well as poor sleep, can cause irritability and lack of concentration. The quality of sleep is very important. There…

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Best stress relief tips for busy moms

Are you trying to find some stress relief,but don’t know how to?Are you trying to overcome the guilt of being an insensitive parent and partner? You want to give your best to your family, but can’t find the time? Your kids describe you as angry, stressed out and always running around? Has your mood hit an all-time low? Well, you are probably stressed out.  But don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s time to get de-stressed. These stress relief tips will get you out of this ‘phase’- 1.Identify the symptoms…

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7 effective time management tips for working moms

image about time management

You make numerous plans about time management, yet they seem to disappear in thin air. Yes, I agree, time management strategies for working moms look good on paper.It is very difficult to follow a schedule everyday, as you are juggling your responsibilities at work and home. Well, do we have a choice? Well, the bad news is ‘time flies’, the good news is ‘you are the pilot’. So let’s make a choice and a conscious effort to keep up to our busy schedules, so that we will be happy and…

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