English Baby Names – 400+ Unique Names for Baby Girls and Boys

English baby names

Name your Child, Take your First Step towards Parenthood Becoming a parent is a proud moment that also brings a lot of responsibilities and giving a good and meaningful name to the child is the first and foremost responsibility. Choosing the right name for your baby is exciting as well as challenging, as a name not only gives an identity to the child but remains the most significant aspect for the child for the rest of his or her life. Indian diversity and internal heterogeneity are such that nothing here…

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300+ Unique & Popular Indian Baby Names with Meaning

Hindi baby names

Choose Unique Indian Baby Names for your Bundle-of-joy The joy of bringing a new life on earth is simply hard to describe in words. However, this joy comes with immense responsibility that every new parent has to fulfil in order to enjoy parenthood in the true sense. The first and foremost responsibility of a parent is to name their new bundle-of-joy. There is an extensive list of popular baby names easily available online but the urge of keeping a unique baby name makes every Indian parent keep on searching and…

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