How to soothe a fussy baby at night….

fussy baby

Ten ways to Instantly Soothe a Fussy baby at Night.. What can be more distressing for parents than seeing their newborn cry intensely at night and being at a loss to know why it’s happening?  It’s a situation that understandably causes panic and extreme agony, as your fussy baby cannot speak up nor give a clear hint. Well, if that happens to your little one, at the outset, it would be important to find out if it is because of minor discomfort or a health problem. If you are sure…

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5 tips for work-life balance from a successful working mother

working mom

Mommy’s Magazine salutes the spirit of working mothers, whether they are working outside home or not.How about parenting and work life balance tips that come straight from the testimonies and stories of  wonderful moms themselves? What could be better than real life, tried and tested life lessons of moms? Here is an insightful article by a working mother who has managed to meet the odds of motherhood as a working mother. Meet Abhrekha Jain Sahlot, the name is derivative of her parent’s name ( Abhay & Rekha). She is full…

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How to get your older kids to do chores…

See also: It’s never too Late… Yes, it is not that easy to get your older kid/teenager to do household chores.If you’ve been feeling that things could have been rather different and you might have done a better job of encouraging your child to get habituated to carrying out chores, worry not. You still can do wonders on that front and make your child or teenager learn the importance of taking responsibilities. The first step towards achieving it would be to avoid overthinking and blaming yourself for not being responsible…

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Age appropriate chores for kids- Ideas and benefits

chores for kids

Ever noticed how excited little children feel when they are fondly asked to help or given a little task to perform? Unlike most grown-ups, children don’t even think that chores are boring; in fact, most of them are always ready and happy to help with whatever they are asked to do. It makes them feel they are as big and important as grown-ups who they look up to and wish to emulate.  Didn’t we love being entrusted with very important work and running errands like our parents, and being appreciated…

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Reading aloud to children-7 powerful benefits

reading aloud to children

The Importance of Reading Aloud to your Child Reading is a wonderful habit and a hobby that must be pursued not just by grown-ups but also by children. Reading stands anyone who takes to it in good stead as it has the power to mould one’s intellectual and cognitive abilities, and life in entirety. Inculcating the habit of reading in children is one of the best gifts parents can give them. It is a proven fact that children who pursue reading do better at school, turn out to be sharper…

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Simple and Healthy Beetroot,Carrot and Lentils Soup for your little one

lentils soup

Feeding vegetables to  kids is a dainty task ,but a colorful and aromatic hearty soup bowl can make this task easier. This is a seasonal soup prepared from  seasonal vegetables during winter. I always emphasize on use of seasonal ingredients and fresh produce in your child’s food. Here’s a, simple and healthy  Beetroot ,Carrot and Lentils Soup recipe for your little one Ingredients 1 cup chopped beetroot, carrots, peas and potatoes 2 to 3 cups water. ½ onion finely chopped 1 garlic pod finely chopped 1 cardamom 1 cinnamon stick…

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Baby Shower Gift ideas for the Baby and Mom!

baby shower gift ideas

Picking a gift for a loved one’s birthday, wedding, festival or a party is easy and fun. However, buying a gift for the baby shower of a soon mother-to-be may not be all that simple. Of course you can manage something alright if you have to, but if you’re feeling a tad uncertain and would rather read through some tips, worry not, as help is at hand. Check out the following helpful and very sweet baby shower gift ideas for the soon-to-be mother and the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy: Baby…

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Girls (New-born to Teenager)

gift ideas for girls

Loving, caring and spreading happiness all around come naturally to girls. They give more than they take, shower unconditional love on near ones and don’t have expectations in return. No matter how big or little a girl is, she makes the world happy and so cheerful… So when there’s a special occasion such as a baby girl’s birth, a festival, a party or a chance to pay a visit to someone’s house who’s blessed to have a girl child, pick up a lovely, thoughtful gift the little one will love.…

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Creative Gift Ideas for Boys on Birthday Celebrations

gift ideas for boys

When it is time to celebrate the birthday of your son, grandson, nephew, or cousin, one of the hard things to do is begin hurling thoughts around in your brain concerning what kind of gift to give him. Moreover if your child is invited to a party at the home of his friend, you need to make sure that he arrives with a gift that should be appreciated not only by his friend, but also parents. One of the best approaches to find best gift ideas for boys is to…

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How To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special – Best Birthday Celebration Ideas

birthday celebration ideas

No other day can be more joyful and exciting than your kid’s birthday. It is the day of celebration, fun activities and lot of chocolates. But, if you are new to birthday celebrations, the process can be a bit of a mystery. Though planning a birthday is not rocket science, you need to look out few things before thinking about birthday celebration ideas  – Your Budget You must calculate your expenses. Make a budget for everything, right from birthday location, theme, invitation to catering. Making a budget ensures that you…

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