Free Community to Support Caregivers amid School Closings


Press release: Startup Launches a Free Community to Support Caregivers amid School Closings  Updated with Daily Activities and Discussions To Keep Everyone Entertained and Well-Educated at Home Chapel Hill, N.C. (March 16, 2020) — With recent school closures and mandatory work-from-home policies in effect globally, millions of parents and caregivers are searching for budget-friendly, creative ways to keep their kids entertained and their personal sanity intact during this health crisis. As a team of creatives, parents and educators, Participate Inc. has created a free social space designed to engage fellow…

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Age-Wise Requirement of Sleep for Children

sleep for children

Healthy sleep, as we know, is an integral part of development for all. When it comes to children, the smaller they are, the more sleep they need. While there is no rigid guide that can help us determine precisely how much a child at different stages of age sleeps, a general outline given below would be helpful to gain an idea about it: New-born babies  (Up to 3 months)       : 17 to 19 hours Infants (Up to 11 months)                  …

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Why Sleep is of Key Importance for Kids?

sleep for kids

Good sleep is of primal importance for kids and goes a long way in helping children attain overall development. It nurtures not only good physical and mental well-being but also enhances various other functions. Good sleep thus keeps children as well as grown-ups feel fresh, alert and attentive. At some point, all of us have missed out on sleep for a day or so due to some reason. As a result, we feel sleepy, lethargic and tired throughout the next day, which can be overcome only after catching up on…

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Teach your child anger management during play with this game

anger management

It is normal for children to show some aggression or fight during play. But anger is a problem in a child’s play when the child is not able to see and respect the limits of the play.There are many things that parents can do ,to teach anger management to their children.However ,I particularly liked a wonderful game that I came across in Dr. Lawrence Shapiro’s book ‘The Secret Language of Children’.It is a simple game that teaches children to tune out the teasing and taunts of others.It is called ‘The…

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Worthwhile travel activities while on the go with kids

Travel activities

Planning travel activities before heading out of the house is  one of the keys to a successful and enjoyable trip.A list of games to play, especially if you are on a holiday that includes lengthy road trips,  will be a great thing to do. It will save the day when the inevitable whining “we are bored”, “How long” and “are we there yet?” questions are raised.Make a ‘travel treasure bag‘ to increase the curiosity and fun and more importantly to keep them screen free. Here is an age wise list…

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Teaching money management to kids (Age wise tips)

money management

Penny Saved Is Penny Earned: Money Management Tips for Kids Parents are the first teachers for their children. They learn from us and try to replicate our moods, actions and to some extent money management as well. At least, they learn and understand our approach towards spending money, our thought process and constraints. We need to set an example and illustrate to them by leading examples, that nothing comes easy in life and each penny earned has lot of hard work behind it. Money Management-Toddlers & young kids (Age under…

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My insights on Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa Challenge 2019

#MyFriendAlexa Challenge

#MyFriendAlexa Challenge is about to end on 30th September,2019.Here is my journey and  insights on this amazing platform set for blogger’s by team Blogchatter. How did I get to know about #MyFriendAlexa Challenge? Well, I was reading a few blogs, given the advice of pro bloggers that it was inevitable to read other blogs and connect with bloggers, when I stumbled upon the  #MyFriendAlexa Challenge.Bloggers swore by the mighty Alexa rank boost that it promised.Of course , I was curious.This was in June 2019.I hogged as much information as possible…

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How to deal with Hyperactive kids?

Motherhood is a blessing and each child is unique. However, some children are quite different from others, extremely active, aggressive and disruptive. One of the common causes being Hyperactivity.Hyperactivity is a state of being unusually or abnormally active.It becomes very difficult to deal with hyperactive kids and make them understand.It could lead to difficulties in schooling,accidents, injuries etc. Causes: According to Healthline,Hyperactivity can be caused by a number of mental or physical conditions. The most common causes could be: ADHD hyperthyroidism brain disorders nervous system disorders psychological disorders use of…

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Effective Postpartum Weight Loss Tips for New Mums

Although the new mother feels tempted to disregard her own health in the care of her baby, it’s important for her to be aware of a few important things like post-partum care, which includes weight management.Friends and relatives offer postpartum weight loss tips which create more pressure and anxiety for the new mother.Also, she needs to shun common misconceptions, myths and unsubstantiated beliefs about after delivery that have been doing the rounds (and nothing beneficial) for generations Worried about Postpartum Weight? Here’s what you Need to Know… Effective Postpartum Weight…

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Postpartum Weight Loss-Common misconceptions revealed

postpartum weight loss

To begin with, you need to accept the fact that postpartum weight gain is a reality that virtually all women have to deal with postpartum weight loss, albeit in varying degrees. According to experts, a woman normally gains around 11 to 16 kg by the time she’s about to deliver. It’s perfectly alright to put on weight, but at the same time, you shouldn’t overthink and fret too much about postpartum weight loss too early.  Understandably, you must be grappling with a whole lot of questions and doubts about the…

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