Postpartum Weight Loss-Common misconceptions revealed

postpartum weight loss

To begin with, you need to accept the fact that postpartum weight gain is a reality that virtually all women have to deal with postpartum weight loss, albeit in varying degrees. According to experts, a woman normally gains around 11 to 16 kg by the time she’s about to deliver. It’s perfectly alright to put on weight, but at the same time, you shouldn’t overthink and fret too much about postpartum weight loss too early.  Understandably, you must be grappling with a whole lot of questions and doubts about the…

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‘You know you are a mom when’-Mommy’s Magazine

you know you are a mom when

Motherhood is a journey full of  of joy, excitement, chaos, mess,laughter,tantrums,sleepless nights,dirty laundry,photo moments and lot more.I am sure all the mothers out there have been through at least a few of the following ‘You know you are a mom when’ moments.So read up and smile. You know you are a mom when….. You have paid for your groceries and are heading out of the door when you realize one of your kids has lost his/her shoe somewhere in the store. You heave a sigh of relief when your baby…

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Avocado Toast Recipe- Original and Easy to Make

avocado toast

As Avocado is not a fruit of Indian origin, and is just lately being made available through supermarkets,I did not have an idea about ‘how to use an Avocado’ in various recipes.Well, I guess I am not the only Indian who knows not about Avocado ,as I had quite a few people asking me ‘what do you do with this fruit?’. Also, since there are many different types of Avocados, I had to give a few tries to understand when the fruit is ripe and ‘right’ and can be actually…

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The Role of a Father in Raising Kids

role of a father

The  father plays a significant role in a child’s emotional and physical development. The father’s role during child rearing helps the children to develop an  independent, responsible and positive attitude towards life. Before the Child is Born The role of a father begins when the mother of his child is going through the manifold changes physically, mentally and spiritually.If the father is actively involved during this period,a special bond can be developed between the father and the baby. “Babies hear sounds from the outside world at 16 weeks gestation,” says Deena…

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Proven Ways to Feed a Fussy Eater-Mommy’s Magazine

fussy eater

Picky eating can be one of the most distressing things for parents of little kids. Fussy Eaters  are normally  between one to two years of age, and may last till they are three to five years old. In some cases, the tendency to be a fussy eater may continue up to five years of age and in very rare cases, continue to be there even when the child grows older.  If your little one does the same and you have a harrowing time every second day getting her/ him to…

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21 Must Watch Popular Kids Movies

kids movies

Movies whisk us away in a candy floss-like fantasy world brimming over with fun, love, joy, colours and more. For children who are as young as five, the whole world is a treasure trove of new experiences and discoveries. Kids movies , hence, are naturally vibrant, colourful and animated. Most of these movies are animation, while some are made like regular motion pictures that we watch. Here is a compilation of some of the most loved kids movies that have been popular for ages:   1.The Wizard of Oz Let’s…

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5 Life Skills Every Child Should Be Taught

life skills

Life skills are those skills which will help your child endure, and survive most of the emergencies in life. They are inevitable along with academics or extracurricular activities and as parents it is our job to teach them to our children. These are skills which can be taught through routine activities and by creating simulations of emergency scenarios. Life skills complement development, and provide much required help for your child to succeed later in life. Life skills will prepare your child to be independent. Teaching your child life skills allows him…

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The Genesis of Mommy’s Magazine-My blogging story


Getting a wonderful platform like to share your experiences makes you feel really happy and enthused. That’s because this is the place  which gives you visibility to readers across the globe. That’s what I have been able to achieve after stepping onto this blogging journey.I had not the faintest idea that creating to share my experiences,knowledge and understanding of being a mother with soon-to-be mothers will bring me here. It’s a humbling experience to write about my growth from a busy mom to the creator of Mommy’s Magazine.…

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Why I shifted to SiteGround -The best Web Hosting provider?


I transferred my WordPress web hosting from GoDaddy to SiteGround lately. As a blogger and Founder of mommysmagazine, I’m really happy to see my website doing well at SiteGround.I am delighted with the wonderful support my website is getting here, right from the start when the initiation process began. Honestly, I was a bit unsure about coming on this platform when I did. I’d heard rave reviews from quite a few people about SiteGround and how it boosted their endeavours. I was advised by many bloggers to at least give…

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How to deal with a difficult teenager?

difficult teenager

Difficult teenager? Let’s call them teenagers facing difficult times. Teenagers (13 to 19 years of age) find it difficult to cope up with changes happening mentally, physically and in their surroundings due puberty, hormonal changes, social pressures, and confusions with a variety of career choices and stress for achieving their goals, etc. Especially, absence of parents or any parent are expected to cause more pressures and unfavorable conditions to teenagers. There are multiple issues faced by teenagers today. However, parents who spend time with their children, have faith in them…

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