English Baby Names – 400+ Unique Names for Baby Girls and Boys

English baby names

Name your Child, Take your First Step towards Parenthood

Becoming a parent is a proud moment that also brings a lot of responsibilities and giving a good and meaningful name to the child is the first and foremost responsibility. Choosing the right name for your baby is exciting as well as challenging, as a name not only gives an identity to the child but remains the most significant aspect for the child for the rest of his or her life. Indian diversity and internal heterogeneity are such that nothing here can be claimed to be common for the entire country. Right from food, language, caste, festivals, dances and baby names, almost everything varies from region to region. Certain baby names can be popular in a specific area and completely unknown in another region, so basically people select names depending upon their choice as well as their place of origin. Nowadays it has been observed that all first-time parents are showing their keen interest in naming their child with English or western names.

Give a Good and Meaningful Name to your Child

With names having the power to shape a behaviour, personality, and destiny, all new parents need to be conscious and careful while naming their little bundle of joy. It is a fact that choosing the right name for the baby is important because a name balanced with a surname and date-of-birth can do wonders for them. However, the most popular trends among Indian parents have been to choose a western or English name. English baby names are quite a hit among the current generation of parents, who wish to name their new-born with a latest and stylish name that is not so common in India. Traditional names are simply out-of-trend, as parents are quite keen to name their new-born with trendy and modern names that have a deep and good meaning.

216 Unique Names for Baby Boys

AddamSon of the Red Earth; A variant of name Adam
AedanAn Irish name which is diminutive form of name Aed implying fire and means born of fire
Abraham‘Father of many’
Austin‘Majestic’ or ‘venerable’
Alan‘Handsome’ or ‘little rock’
AmandaOne who deserves love
Alexander‘Defender of men’
AlbertNoble, Bright
Brandon‘Hill covered with broom weed’
Benjamin‘Son of my right hand’
BanjamenRight-hand Son; Similar to Benedict
Brandon‘Hill covered with broom weed’
BryceSomeone who is very fast and quick.
BartonBarley Farm
BeanstanA strong stone
CarltonFrom Carl’s Farm
CarterCart Driver
ChristianA Christian
CraigRocky Hill
Cameron‘Crooked nose’ or ‘crooked river’
Charles‘Full-grown’, ‘man’ or ‘free man’
Christopher‘Carrier of Christ’
Cooper‘One who makes wooden vessels or barrels’
Daniel‘God is my judge’
Dennis‘God of Wine’
Dominic‘Belonging to the lord’
DanielRuler of the World
DavidSwift, Nimble, Beloved
DennisWild or Crazy
DylanFaithful, Loyal
DalltonThe settlement
Edward‘Wealthy guardian’
Ethan‘Constant’ or Strong’
EdanFiery Flame
Edward, EddieHappy Protector
EdwinValuable Friend
EldwinSage Friend
EltonResidence Name
ErwinFriend of the Sea
EddyA wealthy guardian; rich and friendly
Finley‘Fair-haired warrior’. Finn is a commonly used nickname for Finley.
Frederick‘Peaceful ruler’
FentonFrom the Flat Lands
FlemingOriginating from Flanders
FrankFree Man
FarinAn adventurous person
FarnleyA person who lives on the fern fields
FeatherOne soft as a feather
FeltenA healthy and vigourous man. Used mainly as a surname in England
FernhamTo come from a meadow where fern grows
Gabriel‘God is my strength’ or ‘devoted to God’
George‘Tiller of soil’ or ‘farmer’
Graham‘Gravelly homestead’
GaradynA hill which has 3 angles.
GardenerRefers to a person who is a worker in garden.
GarekA person who leads the nation with a spear.
GarlonA winning crown that places on the head of a victor.
GarnettA form of Garnett
GarrisonSpear Fortified Town; Old English – Son of Garret; Son of Gary; From Garriston; A variant of name Garret
HarrisonSon of Harry’
Hayden‘Heathen’ and ‘Fire’
Henry‘Ruler of an enclosure’
HadleyFrom the heath covered meadow
HalbertShining jewel, Dazzling hero
HalinHall dweller, Dweller from the manor
HameltonHome-lover’s Estate
HansfordHe who comes from the stony ford
HanlyFrom the High grazing land
ImmanuelGod with us
IrwinFriend like a boar
IsairGod delivers
Ishmael God hears
Isandro One who frees or releases men
Iverson Son of Ivor
IzsakOne who brings laughter
IbrahimFather of multitude
Ivan‘Gift from God’
JacksonSon of Jack’ or ‘God has shown favour’
Jacob‘Supplanter’ or ‘ruler of tribes’
Jesus‘Jehovah is generous’
Jonathan‘Jehovah has shown favour’
JackyA pet name, means the one who finds God to be gracious
JadwynOne who is a stonecutter’s friend
JamesonJames’s son
JarrottStrenght of the spear
Kevin‘Someone who is eternally handsome’
Kingston‘King’s field’
KaidynKaidyn name means Friend, Companion
KalvinHairless; Bald
KarstonKarston means Anointed
KedrickKedrick means Splendor is Given
KenethThe name means Good-looking and a Handome Man
KennisonKennison means The Son of the Beautifyl Woman
KentleyThe name means From the Edge of the Meadow
Leonardo‘Bold as a lion’
LaidleyLaidley means From the Creek Meadow
LandrusFrom city Landresse
LangleeThe one who comes from the long meadow
LangsdonLong stone
Lakely Lake in a meadow
Laurens City of laurels
Matthew‘Gift of God’. Another form of this name is Matteo.
Michael‘Who is like God?’. Some of the other versions of this name are Mitchell and Miguel.
Miller‘One who grinds grain’
MadisonSon of a mighty warrior
MaelwineOld English – Friend; Strong Friend; a variant transcription of the name Melvin
Magnus Greatness
Mahmud Praising or thanking
Malik King
Nicholas‘Victory of the people’
Noah‘Comfort’ or ‘repose’
Nadim Drinking buddy
Nathan God gives
Nazim Organizer
Neilson Coming from clouds
Nelson Neil’s son
Netanyahu God gives
Newton New town or settlement
Nick People’s triumph
Oliver‘Olive tree’
Oscar‘Divine spear’ or ‘God’s Spear’
Oberon Elf ruler
Oldrich Rich heritage
Ondrej Virile, manly
Orland Famous land
Osvald God’s rule
Parker‘One who works in a park’ or ‘gamekeeper’
Parkinson Parker’s son
Parviz Lucky
Patrik A nobleman
Patterson Patrick’s son
Pawel Tiny, petite
Paxton Pacca’s settlement
Perkins Pierre’s son
QuentonHe who is fifth
Qadir Full of power
Quillan From the woods
Qiang Strong man
RichardPowerful ruler
RobertFamed’ or ‘Bright
RyanLittle king
Radcliff Red colored cliff
Radley Red forest or meadow
Rafiq Kind or compassionate friend
Rainger Forest ranger
Ramon Protected counsel
Randy Wolf shield
Raymond Protected counsel
Samuel‘Name of God’ or ‘Heard by God’
Sebastian‘Venerable’ or ‘revered’
Steven‘Crown’ or ‘garland’
Salem Safe or protected
Samson Sun
Sandford From a sandy ford
Sandy Protector of humanity
Seymour From St. Maur
Shanley Ancient warrior
Shawn God is merciful
ThomasA twin
TimothyIn God’s Honour’ or ‘honouring God
TylerDoorkeeper of an inn’ or ‘one who makes tiles
TayelorAn occupational name for a tailor
Teddy Wealthy guard
Telford From Telford
Tennyson Tenney’s son
Terrell Stubborn animal or person
Thompson Son of Thomas
Ulbrecht Aristocratic and bright
Umberto Bright fighter
Urian One with a privileged background
Uther Terrible or abhorrent
UlfredWolf of peace
VincentTo conquer
Vadik Ruler
Valentino Hale and healthy
Valerian Powerful, strong
Valmont Mount of the vale
Van From the moors
Vasil Imperial, monarchial or royal
Verlin Blossoming
Vinson Son of Vincent
WesleyOne who lives in the west wood or clearing
Wagner Maker of wagons
Walden Forest valley
Walker A person who prepares cloth
WestonWestern settlement
Wallace Foreign person
WalmondOne who protects others in battle
Walton Foreign person or stranger
Wardley From near a weir clearing
XavierSplendid or bright
Xenon Foreign person or stranger
Xiang Good luck
Yachel To start or to commence
Yancy Son of Jan
Yann God is merciful
Yardley Forest of kindling
Yunis Dove
Yvon Yew
ZacharyRemembered by God
Zack God remembers
Zamir Beautiful voice
Zemel Bread
Zenon Of Zeus

222 Unique Names for Baby Girls

Angelina‘Angel’ or ‘messenger of God’. A more common version of the same name is Angela.
Ashley‘One who lives in the ash tree grove’. It is one of the modern English baby girl names.
AaralynAn American name meaning with song; A woman with song
Addison Adam’s child
Adelina Graceful and noble
Adrianna Woman from Adria
Alberta Wise and graceful
Alyssa Noble, graceful
Bella‘Beautiful’. It is often used as a nickname for other names ending in –bella, like Annabella, Arabella, etc.
Belinda‘Beautiful’. One of its other variants is ‘Bella’. ‘Bright linden tree’ or ‘bright serpent’.
BrookeLittle stream
Barbara Stranger, foreigner
Bedelia Powerful, strong
Bella Promise of God
Berta Brilliant, bright
Beverly Coming from the stream of beavers
Caroline‘Strong’. It is the female version of Charles.
Catherine‘Pure’ or ‘Clear’. Other versions of this name are Katherine and Katrina.
Charlotte‘Free man’ or ‘petite’. Other versions of this name are Charlie, Carlotta, and Lottie
Clara‘Bright’ or ‘clear’. Another version of Claire.
Calandra Lark
Camellia Flowering plant
Carin Chaste, pure
Carlene Free woman
Carolyn Free woman
DaniellaGod has judged
DorothyGift of God
Daisy Eye of the day
Damiana The taming one
Darina Present
Darlene Dear, darling
Darshana To see and behold
Devorah From a bee swarm
Divina Like a goddess
Dolly God’s gift
Elena‘Shining’ or ‘Bright One’
ElizabethGod is my oath’
Emily‘Striving’ or ‘Industrious’
EverlyWild boar meadow
EaditaAmusing and diligent person
EadwynnIt means ‘Rich Friend’
EanburgOne who loves to share and care
EardleyA habitational name; clearing
EathelynIt means a magnificient waterfall
FinleyFair-haired warrior
Fiona‘White’ or ‘fair’
Faelynnwoman who is like a beutiful fairy
Fatima One who abstains
Fedora God’s present
Fernanda On a daring trip
Firenze Thriving
FaylinnTo live in the Fairy Kingdom
GabriellaWoman of God’ or ‘God is my strength
GraceKindness’, ‘mercy’ or ‘beauty
Gabriela God’s bravest woman
Galina Woman of serenity
Garnet A person who makes door hinges
Geneva Leader of the tribe
Gessica One who can foresee
Gillian Daughter of Jupiter
Ginny Virgin woman
Gizella Oath
HadleyHeather field
Hazel‘Hazel tree’ or ‘hazelnut’
Holly‘Clearing by the hollow’ or ‘holly tree’
HaeselA kind of a nut
Haleighfield of hay
HaverlyA common English surname. A Habitational name
Halina Woman of serenity
Hania Gracious
Hazan Fall
Hedda Fighting a battle
Helen Torch of light
IrisBased on the Iris flower. It is also the name of the ‘Goddess of the rainbow
Isabella‘Devoted to God’ or someone who is pious
Idella Hardworking woman
Ileana Torch of light
Imelda Fighting the whole battle
Indiana Country of native American Indians
Iolana Soaring bird
Iren Woman of peace
Isabel Promise of God
JasmineA flower which is white and has a sweet scent.
Jagusia Sacred, chaste
JenniferSomeone who is exceptionally fair skinned.
Jamila Gorgeous woman
Janessa God is merciful
JessicaA person who has remarkable foresight
Jaylee Jay bird
Jenny Woman of white magic
Jordyn‘To flow down’ or ‘descend like a river’
Joyce‘Cheerful’ or ‘merry’
KayleeOne who is filled with purity
Kalena Chaste, pure
KimberlyFrom the wood of a royal forest
Kaley Chaste, pure
Karen Chaste, pure
Karolina Free woman
Katariina Chaste, pure
Kathleen Chaste, pure
Lauren‘Laurel’ or ‘bay tree’
Ladonna Lady-like
Laney Torch of light
Lily‘Lily flower’ or ‘Pure’. Some of the variants of this name include Liliana, Lillian, Lilly
Lara Woman from citadel
Larissa Woman from citadel
Lucy‘Light’ or ‘born at dawn’. Also used as a nickname for Lucinda.
Latisha Happy and joyous woman
Lydia‘Beautiful one’ or ‘noble one’
Magdalene Woman from Magdala
Madonna Lady of mine
Madeline‘Elevated’ or ‘Magnificent’
Magnolia Magnolia flower
Mahin Moon-like
Malati Jasmine flower
Megan‘Pearl’ or ‘capable’
Natalie‘Sunrise’ or ‘Born’
Nadia Filled with hope
Nahia Longing
NicoleVictory of the people
Nahid Goddess of wisdom and fertility
Nannie Gracious, merciful
Nastasya Resurrection
Natalie Birthday of Christ
OliviaOlive branch
Odelia Riches
Oksana Woman of hospitality
Olena Torch of light
Opaline Jewel
Oriana Golden, sunrise
Ozella God
Pamela‘All honey’ or ‘all sweetness’
Palmira Palm tree
PhoebeBright one
Pansy Pansy flower
Priscilla‘Ancient’ or ‘Classical’
Parisa Fairy-like
Payton‘Poega’s town’ or ‘fighting man’s estate’. It is also spelt as Peyton.
Patricia Noble woman, aristocrat
Pavlina Tiny, petite
Petrina Rocky
QuenaA female monarch
Qadira Full of power
Quinn‘Wisdom’ or ‘Intelligence’
Qiana Soft, silky
Querida Darling
Rachel‘Ewe’ or ‘Lamb’
Raelyn Sheep’s friend
Rayen Blossom
Reagan‘Little king’ or ‘Regal’
Reanna Eminent queen
Rebecca One who ties and joins
RoseRose flower
Ressie Summer harvest
Ruby‘Red’ or a type of precious stone
Sabah Forenoon
Samantha‘God heard’ or ‘Listener’
Sabina From the Sabine tribe
Sahar Daybreak
Sophia‘Wisdom’. Some of the other versions of this name are Sophie and Sofia.
Sanaz Graceful, proud
Susan‘Lily’. Some of the other versions of this name are Susannah and Susie.
Sylvia‘Of the forest’
Tabitha‘Gazelle’ or ‘Beauty’
Terra Earth
Tamara Palm tree
Taylor‘Cutter of cloth’ or ‘clothed with salvation’
Tanaya My daughter
Teresa‘To reap’ or ‘harvester’
TrinityHoly triad
Ubon Lotus flower
Urbana The one who lives in the city
Ursula Strong as a little bear
Uschi Strong as a little bear
Valencia Strength, power
Valentina Strong and sound
Violet‘Purple’ or ‘the violet flower’
Valerie Powerful, strong
Vanda From the Vandal tribe
Walentyna Strong and sound
Wanda From the Vandal tribe
Winnie‘Fair’ or ‘blessed’
Whitley From a white clearing
Xanthe Fair-haired
Xandra Protector of humanity
Xylia From the woods
YvonneYew tree
Yaroslava Spring glory
Yasamin Jasmine flower
Yasmin Jasmine flower
Yelena Torch of light
Yesenia Like a flower
Yolanda Violet flower
Yuliana Soft-haired
Yvonne Of the yew tree
Yustina Fair, rightful
ZenithFrom the highest point; The Very Top; Highest point on the celestial sphere
ZoiOld Greek – Life; A variant form of name Zoe
Zahara Radiance
Zandra Protector of humanity
Zareen Made of gold
Zinnia Zinnia flower
Ziva Shining

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