7 effective time management tips for working moms

You make numerous plans about time management, yet they seem to disappear in thin air. Yes, I agree, time management strategies for working moms look good on paper.It is very difficult to follow a schedule everyday, as you are juggling your responsibilities at work and home. Well, do we have a choice? Well, the bad news is ‘time flies’, the good news is ‘you are the pilot’. So let’s make a choice and a conscious effort to keep up to our busy schedules, so that we will be happy and productive. So don’t be busy, be productive.Let’s see how.

 time management strategies for working moms

1. Delegate tasks to save time

Sometimes busy moms push it too hard. They try to single-handedly manage tasks which can be easily delegated to other members of the family. Simple chores like folding laundry, stacking dishes, laying the table for dinner, making your own bed, can be done by kids. Husbands can help with the dishes or cut up veggies/salad for dinner. Teach your younger children to self-feed. You would be too tired to do it, after a whole day’s work.

2. Make a schedule

Make a schedule and stick to it,especially about the activities you would wind up before going to work and after coming back home. It might seem difficult when everything is happening at a wild, breakneck pace but it’s important you follow the agenda to help with time management. Once you are habituated to follow your schedule, it’ll become easier to do what you plan to do.Don’t forget to follow your sleep schedule, so that you feel energised and fresh for a new day.

3.Make a weekly meal plan

Yes, you can do it every Saturday or Sunday, so that you won’t have to rush after returning from work and worry about what to cook for dinner. It would also help to peel some extra garlic, chop and store salads and veggies in the freezer, stock your fridge with enough ready to eat stuff. Let your older children(8 years and above) prepare their own to sandwiches or any simple meal they might be able to help with.

4. Use a timer, if necessary 

Sometimes you may end up spending more time than you actually need for a particular task, say scrubbing the bathroom. Use a timer and get the task done in the specified time. Since you have used a timer, you will surely speed up and still be able to clean it well.

5. Say a ‘No’

It’s difficult, but sometimes you just need to say a no because you have already committed to too many tasks. Yes, you are awesome. But your kids should be able to manage their homework on their own for instance. Mommy need not be present everywhere.

6.Keep a check on your screen time

Mobile phones, TV, and other electronic gadgets eat up precious time allotted for important tasks. Unnecessary phone calls, messages, internet surfing are the major culprit. Make sure to keep track of your time when using gadgets.

7.‘Unwind’ whenever necessary

If you feel too tired or lost, take a break. De-stress.You deserve it. Listen to your favourite songs or just gaze outside the window and savour the wonderful nature. A short break can be a big saviour. You will feel fresh and energised. Sometimes moms of infants and toddlers are advised to let their child cry for the moment while they take a few moments to gather their calm. This is because it may be dangerous for the baby if the mom is frustrated and in the spur of the moment, may harm the baby by shaking or abusing.

Music for relaxation-

And yes,don’t worry.You are doing your best.
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Happy parenting.

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