Store family memories for your children-Must -do for healthy parent child relationship

So you want a healthy parent-child relationship? You have done your family timebest as a parent, in all possible ways; whether it is your taking care of your child’s health, education, personality development etc. How much will be remembered? The most haunting question is- How will you be remembered by your children? Its time to create family memories for life.

In the modern age, where the fight for individual independence, the influence of social media, and the glitz and glamour of the world has overruled all the possibilities of a healthy parent-child relationship, you have to take extra efforts to carve a niche in the life of your child.

Here’s how you can store precious family memories of you and your child –

1. Make a family book-

Paste pictures of time spent together and write about how you felt at that time. You need not be a poet or a creative writer but the words that come straight from the heart has a lot more power than you can imagine. Every member of the family can write a line or two about what they felt. Say about, a day at the beach, garden, or birthday celebrations etc.

3. Make a family video compilation-

Get those awesome moments on the reel, just like you make a YouTube video. Let your children see the excitement on your face when they first took their baby steps, of the love in your eyes when you hugged or cuddled them, blissful birthday celebrations, family playtime. They will surely miss those good old times.

family time4. Write personalized letters

Write love letters to your children on their birthdays and encourage them to make a collection of those letters. That would be enough to take them down the memory lane when they are away from you.

4. Archive the old stuff-

Baby clothes, paintings, scribbled notes, fashion accessories, soft toys, dolls, just about anything that belonged to your child can be collected. Gift the box containing the old stuff on their 18th birthday or anytime you feel right. They will love to know that you cared to treasure their stuff and valued their little treasures.

5. Nothing like quality time spent together

Yes! Quality time spent with your child will create permanent family memories, which your child will cherish throughout his/her lifetime. The feeling of being loved and cared for, the undivided attention of parents, family time moments have a long-lasting impact on children creating a strong bond with the parents. You would love that, won’t you?

6. Write a family blog or diary

This is just like writing a daily diary/blog (let me know in the comments if you want me to write a post on how to write private family blog online) or diary of important events. Feel free to pen down you the excitement, joys and sorrows, how you overcame tough times together, how you accomplished certain difficult tasks, your favourite family recipes etc. Some recipes are lost forever, so your children might love to try their favourite ones when they can cook. This will take them down the memory lane and they will thank you for preserving the precious family recipes.

So go ahead! Create memories for life and a bond that will stand all the tests and temptations of life.

Happy Parenting.


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